V-Elektra, s.r.o.

was founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of the German concern, OstElektra GmbH. Since beginning our operations we have been among the active players on the electricity supply market and we optimize cross-border flows of electric power with all adjacent countries – the Slovak Republic, Poland, Germany and Austria. The company has created a stable position on V4 markets, which has allowed us to extend our scope to include electricity supplies for final consumers in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic in 2006. Alternative electricity suppliers only started to appear during this period. Our stable position in terms of cross-border transactions, our own portfolio in each of the V4 countries and experience with deliveries to the final consumers assure high flexibility in our approach to eligible consumers with the potential for customized solutions; we also offer free energy consultations for our clients.

Establishment of our company on wholesale market is proved by the fact that forward prices for Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary are on daily basis taking over by such companies as Reuters and ICIS Heren.

The year 2010 was an important milestone for our company, as a change in our ownership structure was made after 7 years of successful operation within the S4E Group, GmbH holding, meaning Energy Trading Company, s.r.o. became new owner in September. This change also signaled greater company activities with regards to electricity supplies to final customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which is related also to portfolio expansion in the municipal segment. We began to create a network of local representatives and, in addition to currently used optimization tools for purchasing electricity, the company initiated the use of structured and technically improved products.

This year, in addition to the area of final consumers, our company started to be more intensively engaged in trading with electricity from renewable resources – biogas, photovoltaic and small hydroelectric plants, which bring considerable synergy effects also for end customers of V-Elektra.

Electricity delivery to final consumers, additional improvements in the area of renewable resources, active trading on the wholesale market using cross-border optimization opportunities, structured product trading experience, and last but not least, a sophisticated risk management system are all the cornerstones for expanding a serious and successful company over the long-term.